I Mua

When asked what it means to be an alumni of Kamehameha Schools, the first thing I automatically think of is a warrior; the strength and perseverance that it takes, not only in academics, but our leadership within our careers as well.  Additionally, because of the people we are, and values we were raised with, we are called to make a difference in our community around us. I think of our Hawaiian culture, our roots, our ʻohana. I think of Pauahi, and the legacy that she left for each and every one of us.  As students, we were the beneficiaries.  Now, as Alumni, we are also the stewards of the talents instilled in us during our upbringing and education at Kamehameha, and able to foster and share those talents.  I think of how we, as individuals, are connected through a means of similarity, not just as a school, but as a whole; as an ʻohana.  I experienced first hand ways that Kamehameha Schools helped us to find ourselves throughout the years we were there, and guided us to set our sights on brighter futures. 

I designed and created the I MUA COLLECTION a while back with all this in mind, and I’m so excited to introduce a print so meaningful, and so special to me.

This Warrior print, which is more of an abstract design with bold lines and shapes of a warrior helmet, and triangles to represent the spears and top of a helmet. We are Kamehameha Warriors. We represent our ancestors before us who were strong, noble, bold, and fearless warriors, who fought in battle to unite the islands as one. The bold, powerful lines in the helmet represent the students, alumni, and our kumu. The lines of the helmet connect one into another, just like our network of alumni that blend seamlessly into each other, no matter the age, graduation year, campus attended; we are all one unit, staying connected forever through Pauahi. These lines on the helmet are also never ending, as is the legacy of Pauahi, which continues to provide far beyond an education to the children of Hawaiian ancestry.  Merging past, present and future generations.