Kaho’okipanui Collection

The Kaho’okipanui Collection was inspired by my brother, Dillon Matthew Kaho’okipanui Ah Chong. In Hawaiian, Kaho’okipanui means “The Grand Welcome.”

When creating this print, I knew I wanted it to represent everything my brother is now, and is becoming. Upon talking with my parents about the meaning of his name, they shared that Dillon was a late gift to our family that was much needed, and that God put him into our lives for a reason. Dillon is “grand” in everything he does, but in the most subtle way. Grand, but with a humble and respectful heart. He is reserved, yet the hardest worker in the room; funny, witty, smart, and quite the go-getter. He strives to be the best at what he does and his presence is always known.

This print depicts the design of a Honu or turtle shell. Here in Hawai’i, the Honu (turtle) is a symbol of good luck, or represents the navigator and the eternal link between man, the land, and the sea. To swim with a Honu is magic, to watch them bask in the sand is calming, and when a Honu reaches shore, its welcome is grand! What the Honu stands for and all it represents is exactly my brother, Dillon. Enjoy the “Grand Welcome” of the Kaho’okipanui Collection!