Kawehionāpua Collection

The Kawehionāpua Collection was inspired by my older sister, Natasha Jean Kawehionāpua Silva.

Kawehionāpua is a part of her middle name which means “the adornment of the flower”. The Gardenia Flower is showcased in this collection beautifully, not only because it happens to be her favorite flower but because it symbolizes purity, love and refinement. The Gardenia Flower is often chosen to make for an obvious wedding occasion because of this meaning.

Natasha is the true meaning of this, love, purity, harmony and grace, a true adornment to all. A beautiful woman inside and out.

Natasha is the  most amazing sister anyone could ever ask for. I have forever looked up to her since we were little girls. She inspires me everyday to be an amazing wife, mother, sister, daughter, and entrepreneur.She is my support, my ally, my entertainment, my audience, my critic, my biggest fan, my best friend, my sister.

This first collection ever designed represents the ʻAʻaliʻi. The story behind the design represents my first born daughter, Emsley. She is my light, my hope, my strength, my beauty and my life. When my husband Jairah and I were thinking of a Hawaiian name to give her, we wanted something that represented a little girl being bold, strong and being able to conquer the world through any trial and tribulations. She is the representation of beauty and strength.