Ke Aloha Mae ‘Ole Collection

This collection is made up of prints of the Pakalana Flower and the different varieties of Fern that grow here in Hawaii.

Featured in this collection is the Pakalana Flower, designed to form in the shape of a lei, a lei that never breaks but continues on for eternity. This Pakalana Lei is dedicated to the love of a mother. A mother’s love is endless, not changing for all time and when needed by her children, a mother’s love will shine. The Pakalana print entails three varieties of color ways.

The White, Mustard and Auburn Pakalana prints.

Also, featured in this collection is our Fern Prints, designed with the varieties of Fern such as the Hapu’u, Laua’e, Uluhe, Kupukupu and Palapalai because they symbolize sincerity towards others. So many adore the Fern for its beauty and personality it shares. In this design the varieties of Ferns are growing or intertwined together to show the bond and love they have that have touched many lives in its path.

The Fern print entails two varieties of color ways, Forest Green and Ice Blue.