New York Fashion Week 2022

From the Big Island to the Big Apple

In the New York spotlight, Ola Hou Designs will bring Aloha to the world, as each design tells a story to see, wear, and represent. Each print depicts a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. My designs are representations of my family, friends, culture, life and love, intertwined together to create artistic and transportive experiences, and connections with my customers. As a young mother, I am also committed to demonstrate to my daughter and the women of Hawai'i that if you find your passion and focus, and work hard and dedicate time and effort, you can truly achieve anything.

In order to cover an estimated $100k needed for airfare, accommodations, transportation and other expenses for the Ola Hou Designs team, I am humbly asking for donations and sponsorships. Your donation will help showcase Hawaiian culture with a modern lens, provide a platform to assist in advancing careers of my talented team, as well as establish relationships to promote the economy of Hawai'i.

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