The Vintage Hawaii Collection

Step into a new look, a new take on Vintage Hawaii Fashion with a Contemporary twist. Two new exclusive Ola Hou prints with a deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

Representing strength, courage, bravery, boldness and fearlessness. The beauty, rarity, and symbolic meanings of our Hibiscus and Banana Leaf print and our Koa Tree print are valuable designs that show a collection of meanings. From education, intelligence, craft, and creativity that we all are taught as we carry these important skills into our future.

Showcasing past to present, these prints represent how each individual is unique, beautiful, useful, and contributes an important role in our community, in their own way. We are all connected and artfully crafted by our kumu, peers, and ʻohana, and will transform into leaders of our community, as it is our kūleana to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.